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The Chemcentral Group was founded in 1983. The group is the first agency with major emphasis on the paper and paper converting industry in China, and is in the business of importing and trading industrial chemicals, minerals, and other industrial supplies. Today Chemcentral Group is an international trade and investment organization including new companies and business sectors, however with its traditional business still having main activities in the Asian paper and paper converting industry. From 1984 to the present, the group has remained the largest supplier of coating clay in China

In order to expand internationally, the group established China Headquarters in Shanghai, China in 2002. Since 2008, the group took the next steps in its new business development plans, and for the past couple of years it has been focused on investments in Central and Eastern Europe and in China; to look for trade opportunities within new geographical markets and new business segments.

The Chemcentral Group has offices worldwide; including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Suzhou, Zhuhai and Jinan. The group covers areas in China with the heaviest concentration of large paper mills. The group leads the market due to the Chemcentral paper industry technical support team.

The global business partners of the Chemcentral Group, located in the USA, England, Germany, and Finland, to name a few, are the leading manufacturers specializing in chemical material. They are now working with Chemcentral Group to accommodate the global paper industry.


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